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There's some code in CVS.

The core logic is functioning and can infer a list of valid motions at any point in the meeting. It can also keep track of the chain of current motions. It can almost keep an ongoing history of the meeting, but there's a small bug there right now.

The underlying rule set is based on Henry Prakken's formalization of Robert's Rules of Order, but it is completely customizable (in fact, arbitrary Python code can be embedded in the rule specifications, but you don't have to resort to this for most tasks).

The semantics of motions (i.e. what should happen if they pass) aren't implemented yet.

There is a preliminary, functioning GUI (except for the aforementioned bug with the meeting history).

Everything is in CVS right now; there are no docs or releases.

Please note the current principal developer is a grad student in an unrelated field, and only very occasionally has time to work on this project. We're looking for more developers.

= OLD = Below this is old stuff waiting to be refactored.. === Overview ===

There's some code in CVS.

I have an idea of how we might structure the program. See DesignNotes.

We've started working with Henry Prakken's formalization of Robert's Rules. He's given us permission to use his formalization, and emailed me a copy of the latex source. I've transformed some of it (the conditions for allowed motions) into a more workable format.

=== Code ===

We've got some code (CompileRuleFile.Py) that parses the "RuleFile" config file with the Robert's Rules-specific logic. The initial version of this RuleFile parser is almost done (in fact, it's done for now).

We're started on the core logic code. We have preliminary functions for:

So far the motions don't have any semantics, we've just been working on when they are valid motions to make.

=== Unit tests ===

There's a handful of unit tests.

=== Misc ===

We're looking for more developers.

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